A Lovely Day

Even in the midst of all the various struggles that I and my loved ones have been going through, I am still able to appreciate the blessings that God sends my way.

When my children were very small, we had a story book called Bialosky Bear. It was one of those “read-a-long” books that had a cassette tape that told the story while you looked at the pictures.

The only part of the story that I remember is when Bialosky went outside and noticed how nice it was and he began to sing, “It’s a lovely, lovely day”.

And that’s what today was for me – a lovely, lovely day.

It was somewhat foggy as I drove my hubby to work but the morning light coming through the fog made for some very interesting views, especially as it rose over the river.

It became sunny and quite mild for this time of year – I think it went up to at least 16*C – so I could dispense with the heavy winter coat – rather liberating!

I bought some new rubber boots today – black and red plaid – fun and cheerful. As I took them for a “test drive” around the neighbourhood enjoying the squelching sound they made in the mud,  I heard and saw several robins, quite a number of American goldfinches, and the male cardinals have begun singing their Spring song. AAHH – a little slice of heaven.

And my eye is finally starting to feel better!

So not all is doom and gloom in my world. Thank you God!


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