Burnt Cookies

I am having one of those days – burning, aching body, mind-numbing fatigue, frustration. And then I burn the cookies!!

I have to say that it wasn’t really my fault. We have an older stove with a very temperamental oven thermostat. I even used a separate thermometer and reduced the baking time – but still ended up with “rubbed bronze finish” cookies or “hardtack” as my hubby will call them. Not only is this frustrating from the time and effort perspective but we really can’t afford to waste any food.

On top of my already feeling rough today, the burnt cookies were almost the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. But while I was indulging in a momentary pity party, I remembered the recent conversation I had with a pastor and his wife who were visiting from Zambia and I quickly realized that it is silly of me to “cry over spilled milk” or burnt cookies, as it were.

Pastor Daniel was filled with passion and joy as he shared the work that has been going on in his area of Zambia. As he told his story, I learned what life is like for most of the villagers that he works with. They do not have electricity and any cooking that is done, is done outside over a fire.  A lot of the food they have must be grown, cultivated and processed all by hand using crude hand tools. He shared a video of women threshing maize for the kernels and then pounding the kernels into flour, both back-breaking, mind-numbing chores.

These village women have good reason to complain about pain, fatigue and frustration, yet they rarely complain, rather, they are grateful for the ability to be able to feed their family anything at all. And I bet that they would even be grateful for burnt cookies!

I admire these women who make the best of what their life has to offer. I admire how thankful they are for any little blessing that comes along.

So, when I am having a “burnt cookie” day, I will remember these women and think about how blessed I am to have shelter, protection, warmth, an income, electricity, indoor plumbing with hot and cold running water, a loving husband, freedom, peace, food including ingredients to make cookies and yes – even an electric oven that burns cookies!

When you are having a “burnt cookie day” look for and focus on the blessings you have instead.