Toilet Paper

Working in the kitchen after women’s fellowship, I tried to grab some paper towel from the industrial holder to dry my hands. The paper towel was so thin that it just disintegrated when my wet hands touched it and I couldn’t pull any of it out of the holder. Aargh!

This led me to think about the battles with certain kinds of toilet paper. Don’t you just hate the stuff that’s provided in public bathrooms?? It is either so stiff that it could be used to print a newspaper or so thin and flimsy that you can blow a hole through it with one little puff!

On the other end of the spectrum is the toilet paper that is so thick and plush that it is like using a velour towel. Unfortunately, this trendy paper for tender tushies comes with its own set of problems. Although it is soft, if you need to do anything more than just a gentle pat-pat you end up with an easily disintegrating pile of white fluff that gets stuck in unmentionable areas! I have also discovered through research into septic tank maintenance (not an after dinner read) that this type of toilet paper does not break down properly in the septic tank and can therefore cause clogging problems – something to be avoided at all costs!

You are probably wondering where on earth am I going with this?? You can blame God for giving me a brain that thinks up weird spiritual analogies. What can I say – it’s a gift!?? LOL

I was thinking that our faith and/or spiritual lives can be like toilet paper. If our faith walk is stiff and difficult to bend like some of the public bathroom paper, we can be spiritually biased, unbending, unyielding and unkind to people who may be in difficult or sensitive situations.

If our faith is as thin and flimsy as some toilet paper, any time a stiff wind in the form of a difficulty or challenge presents itself in our lives, it can blow a hole right through our faith leaving us without the protection that we need.

Faith that is like the “kitteny-soft” toilet tissue that is made of thick but loosely compacted fibres may feel good at first, but come a time of trial or testing when that faith really needs to be strong and solid, it just falls apart leaving you trying to pick up all the pieces. When we only cling to the parts of our faith system that make us “feel good” or “comfortable” then we are at risk of clogging up our spiritual tank.

It’s kind of like Goldilocks searching for that certain something that is “just right”. When we shop for toilet paper, we need to look for something that is strong yet gentle. Our faith walk needs to be the same way – strong enough to withstand life’s messes that are bound to come along, yet gentle enough to allow for compassion, forgiveness, kindness and love towards ourselves and others.

There – betcha never thought that t.p. and faith had anything in common! LOL



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