God’s Breath

Last evening, my husband and I drove down to our lovely waterfront (we live on the Eastern shore of one of the Great Lakes in Canada) to watch the sunset. There was little to no wind and the lake was very still and peaceful. The lake ice is melting but there are still beautiful ice formations floating on the water. There was a slow, rhythmic and gentle movement, almost a soft caress, of water moving in small, smooth, liquid laps up onto shore and back down again.

As I stood there and watched the gentle undulations of the ice and the water lapping up on shore, it reminded me of the movement of slow, gentle breathing. This peaceful movement was occasionally accompanied by a soft tinkling and whispering sound as the crystal edges of the ice pans bumped and rubbed along one another.

All of this was bathed in the soft rose and peach hues of the sun setting behind smoky purple quartz clouds.

Moments of beauty and bliss.

God provides moments like these for our enjoyment and benefit. We need to train ourselves to take the time to look for those special moments. Those moments when God’s spirit touches our spirit; when God’s breath breathes peace and joy into our souls.

May you have eyes to see and ears to hear when God breathes.IMG_6985 (2) (800x382)


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