Today, I have been sitting here trying to think of something witty, intelligent and inspiring to write. It is a challenge as I don’t feel like any of those three today. A 13 hour bout of Norwalk Virus tends to drain a person – literally.

This morning, as I lounge about looking regal in my pj’s (not!) I am feeling a bit sorry for myself (actually, I’m having a bit of a pity party – care to join me in a cup of chamomile tea?)), and although the sun is shining, I am having difficulty brightening my disposition. And then the phone rings – it is my employer, Joannie, asking if she can come up as she has something to drop off. I am thinking two things – she is dropping off paperwork for me to work on at home and she is going to see me looking like ****.

So I open the door and she greets me with a lovely, large bouquet of beautiful, bright, sunny-yellow tulips! What a lovely surprise! What a thoughtful gesture! She knew that I was unwell and she just wanted to do a little something to brighten up my day.

Often, we may think that we have to do something grand and glorious to make our mark in God’s Kingdom. I know that I have dreamed of having a ministry like Joyce Meyers and I often feel like I am not doing much for God or having much of a positive effect in the lives of others. I’m a “go big or go home” kinda gal.

But when we are only focused on the” big” things, we can miss many “little” opportunities which may, in fact, have just as much or more of a positive effect.

I think that every day provides some opportunity to share, if not the Word of God, then definitely the Love of God with others. I try to remember to “listen to that still small voice” and “bloom where you are planted”. Be aware and sensitive to the opportunities, big or small, to share God’s love with others.

Today, I challenge you to “listen”  and “bloom”  and be “a bright, yellow tulip” in someone’s life.


IMG_6694 (528x800)




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