My Apologies

I am a relative “newby” blogger and it seems that I have unwittingly created a blog faux pas with my last posting “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. I thought that I was posting a poem by “Author Unknown” but I think the poem I posted was written by Victoria B. Jenkins. I also was under the impression that if I published the link to the site the poem was located on, that I was doing the correct thing.

I have since removed my last posting.

My apologies to the author of the poem and the owner of the blog-site whose blog-site link I posted.



One thought on “My Apologies

  1. Victoria says:

    I don’t mind you sharing my poem at all, actually, it’s delightful! Including my name is all I ask. Thank you for caring enough not to infringe…so many don’t seem to mind leaving the author out. 😉


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