Today’s Weather Report – Foggy Doldrums

Please excuse me while I indulge in a little pity party. You see, for the past 2 days, it has been “raining on my parade”. My personal weather report has been influenced by a low pressuring system bringing with it the “foggy doldrums”. My brain feels like it has been replaced by polyester stuffing and my body just wants to go into hibernation.

“Doldrums” is a term used to describe a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing winds are calm.  The  winds can disappear altogether, trapping sail-powered boats for periods of days or weeks. The term is also used to describe a person who is going through a period of stagnation, slump, depression or unhappy listlessness.

“Brainfog” is a state of mental fuzziness or confusion that is generally caused by an underlying health issue. It comes with an extreme inability to focus on tasks or to remember small details.

This morning, I dragged myself to Women’s Fellowship and brought along my travel mug filled with “poor me”. Then I watched a video about an amazing young woman named Pranitha Timothy. She is the  International Justice Mission’s (IJM) director of “After Care” in Chennai, India. Pranitha has the courage to lead teams into life-threatening situations to free victims of modern-day slavery-no matter what the cost.

“There are 27 million slaves in our world today,” she says. Even though a brain tumor left her with what she calls a “strange” voice, she is proud to be a voice for the voiceless-including the millions who toil under burden of harsh manual labor.

So many things about Pranitha impressed me, but because of how I have been feeling, what inspired me was the fact that though she had suffered a brain tumour which, the removal of, had left her mute and with some facial paralysis, she didn’t lose her faith in God or her will to serve Him. She is now able to speak, albeit with a “strange voice”, and she tells of God’s mercy, faithfulness, love, comfort, strength, protection and power, amidst the most difficult and dangerous circumstances.

I still feel momentarily stuck in the “foggy doldrums” but I know that while I am waiting for the clouds to blow away, I am being kept in the loving protection of my Heavenly Father. And that even though I might not be able to serve Him in the manner that I would like, I can continue to serve Him in small ways, like praying for others and maybe even writing this blog.

In times like these, I like to remember the scripture, Eph 6:13  “Therefore take to yourselves the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Eph 6:14  Therefore stand” . So I stand, even if that means that my “standing” takes the form of laying on the couch for a time.

May God comfort and strengthen you in your “bad weather” days.