God Moments

I think that “God Moments” are unexpected, special times that God can work in our lives. God, in those moments, can either minister to us or use us to minister to others, or as in my case today, do both at the same time!

I was driving home after dropping my husband off at work, when I suddenly remembered that I had read a notice in the church bulletin stating that there was a craft group meeting this morning. Now anybody who knows me knows that crafts and I go together like crazy glue sticks to skin. Give me scissors, glue, paint, and especially flower arranging supplies, and I am as happy as a pig in poo. So off I headed to the church.

When I get there, the church’s front doors are locked – hmmm. So I wander to the back of the building, find an open door and begin searching through the labyrinth of basement rooms looking for a human body carrying a glue gun. I see a sign which points to a room in which “Laughter and Chat” is to take place. Well, I can laugh and chat with the best of them, especially with a glue gun in my hand! Unfortunately, the human I finally found was not carrying a glue gun and the “Laughter and Chat” was a laughter yoga group – no glue, no scissors, no silk flowers, so no laughter for me 😦

I was finally directed to the church secretary’s office. She welcomed me very warmly but looked very puzzled when I told her that I was there for the craft group. She told me that they didn’t have a craft group and I replied, “but it is in your church bulletin”! So we checked and sure enough, there it was, in black and white. She responded with, “well, we don’t have a craft group, per se, it is actually a knitting and crocheting group”. I was somewhat crestfallen because, although I can knit and crochet, I am much happier wielding a glue gun or a paint brush than knitting needles. We then had a discussion about whether or not knitting and crocheting were, in fact, considered “crafts”. We didn’t think so but a lady from the knitting group, who entered the room at that point of the discussion,  was quite firm in her belief that they were, indeed, crafts!

The secretary, Wilma, asked me that since there was no craft group, and she was short-handed, would I be interested in helping her fold church bulletins for the upcoming Ecumenical Easter Service. Well, beggars can’t be choosers and as I had past experience with origami, I felt that I could handle folding paper in half. This turned out to be a little more challenging than expected as the pages were not collated properly.

During the collating and folding, Wilma and I got to know each other better, we shared the ups and downs of our faith walks, we exchanged ideas and our hopes for ourselves, for the church and for ministry in general. I was very blessed to have formed a new relationship with a wonderful sister-in-Christ. She made me feel that she was blessed to know me as well.

As I was leaving the church, I realized that I had had a “God Moment”. He had used the sudden memory of an incorrect bulletin notice, to bring me to a non-existent craft group meeting so that I could minister for Him by helping the secretary to fold bulletins, while at the same time I was being ministered to through the new relationship with Wilma. Now no-one can tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humour!

I believe that there are “God Moments” available all the time, but we often miss out on them. We are so often looking for the “BIG” moves of God that we miss all the little ones, which are just as important. We are also so busy, and our heads are so filled with “stuff to do” that we may miss out on hearing or even recognizing “the still small voice” of God’s spirit speaking to us. We need to develop and exercise Godly discernment.

I pray that you will learn to discern and be blessed by the “God Moments” in your life.


2 thoughts on “God Moments

  1. Wilma says:

    I truly believe in God moments and look for one each day. Shari you were my God moment!! I love it that God’s cares about smallest details in our lives. I loved our discussion and hope there will be more!


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